Black Moshannon Day 1 – Vegan Cream Cheese, Spinach and Bean Wraps

This time we wanted to drag a friend along with us for a last minute vegan camping experience.  The state park ” slot machine” directory came up with Black Moshannon for our weekend.  The park is part of the Allegheny Mountain range located  near Philipsburg, and is well known for its beautiful bogs and pristine environment.  We arrive at the park entrance late at night and a bit stressed, after many winding highways and tractor trailers.  After crossing over two small bridges that hint of marshland, we finally spot  the cabins.  They are nestled together in a patch of old growth forest.

DSC_2784The cabin we chose was a deluxe cottage, as nothing else was available.  It has a swanky kitchen including a stove, oven and a  large table that can seat six.  The second room offers the normal two bunk arrangement on both walls.  It doesn’t have a fireplace, but it does have two heaters, which we gladly fire up.

After bunks are fixed up, we pull out an easy dinner of Cream Cheese, Spinach and Bean Wraps that we prepared before the trip.  This is our vegan version of a recipe we found in a Sunset cookbook.  The wraps are rather simple to make —  a combination of two fillings.  The first  filling is a combination of 8 oz. vegan cream cheese, one package of frozen spinach, and a splash of vinegar, horseradish, Nayonaise, Agave Syrup and some fave herbs.  The second filling is just the beans mashed slightly with a bit of their liquid.  Just take a wrap, layer the two fillings and then roll up.  They are the perfect swirl of flavor.   We also munch on a new trail mix — our guest, Annarita, came up with a winning combination which you can find on our “Recipe” page.  It was the result of a visit to Whole Foods Market with an emphasis on organic, organic, organic!DSC_2662

We spend the rest of the evening cleaning up and chatting about possible hikes for the next day.  Going to bed is especially nice, because the moon is shining through a large floor to ceiling window in the rear of the cabin.  It’s like sleeping in a bird blind, and I’m hoping to either be awakened by a woodpecker or bear.

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